Native Plants

We have a wide selection of seeds, perennial natives, trees, and shrubs. Come check out our current selection.

Marchie’s Native Grass Mix

30% Slender Wheat grass
35% Blueburan Wheatgrass
20% Idaho Fescue
9% praire Junegrass

Northwest Wild Flower Mix

#1 covers 2000sq ft.

12% Bachelor Button
12% Siberian Wallflower
12% Blue Flax
12% Scarlet Flax
10% Prairie Coneflower yellow
2% Lupine mix
6% California Poppy
5% Cosmos Sensation Mix
5% Rocket Larkspur
6% Prairie coneflower red
1% Plains Coreopsis
4% Clarkia
4% Corn Poppy
3% Purple Cornflower
5% Sweet William
5% Annual Gaillardia
2% Lance Leaf Coreopsis
5% Spurred Snap Dragon
1% Oregon

The above seeds mixes are provided to us by Westland Seed Inc out of Ronan, MT

We have individual seeds and mixes. Some of the mixes are Butterfly and Bee mix, Wildflowers to attract Bees, Deer Resistant Mix, and Drought Tolerant to name a few. Come check out our current selection. We also carry Native seeds from Beauty Beyond Belief out of Boulder, Colorado.